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Greywind growl as he walked over to Tailsa and give her a lick on the cheek to which she giggled and give him an kiss on the nose she looked into his eyes and saw the wolf determined of protecting the women Robb love with all his heart at first when she met the wolf she was terrifying of him cause of his massive size and his sharp teeth and claws but she also saw an sweet sigh of him as she got to really know the wolf well , Tailsa was going crazy as she was close to cumming the water was falling over the tub but luckily an towel fell to the floor so she wouldn’t slip once she got out of the tub she finally managed to cum as it released form her pussy she let out an huge moan to which she sigh in relief but then she heard Greywind start to stratch on the small door she called out to the direwolf don’t worry Greywind I’ll be out soon, It wasn’t long before she cummed to which Greywind eaten it all up he pull out of her pussy and stood over her nude body she looked at him with love in his eyes he wasn’t done yet his dick was hard and big and she wanted it she grab a hold of his head and kissed him passionately on the lips she moan into his mouth give me that big dick of your I want it in my pussy,

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